Hearthstone Demo Reel (2016-2020)

Software : Unity, Photoshop, Maya

Magnetic (August 2018)

Magnetic was a new keyword for Hearthstone's Boomsday set, which allowed Magnetic minions to be played as a normal minion or, by playing them to the left a Mech, they would fuse together. Through extensive prototyping with Design, UI, and Engineering, we arrived at this very visual-dependent UI that minimized misplays while communicating the different states of a Magnetic minion as clearly as possible, and I was then in charge of working with Engineering to create the VFX and custom implementation that would achieve the responsiveness and communication we needed.

Supreme Archaeology (August 2019)

This was one of a series of nine question complete VFX I made for the Saviors of Uldum expansion. In addition to creating and implementing all the base VFX in Unity and PlayMaker, i modeled, textured, rigged and animated the book in Maya.

Curious Glimmerroot (April 2017)

Glimmerroot was brought to me as a card that we couldn't ship unless we could get the visuals right. In this case, we needed to clearly convey the existence of two fake cards and one real card sourced from the opponent's starting deck, create a shuffle animation that didn't feel trackable in order to prevent players from feeling like they had to track it (the cards are presented in a random order, so we wanted to avoid the experience where a player tried to play the smart way by tracking the "real" card, then getting punished by the order actually being random), and clearly highlight the real and fake cards for both a correct and incorrect guess.

This required extensive iteration and collaboration with Design to get the visuals and timing just right, as well as several weeks of work with engineering to investigate the limits of the Discover mechanic that we were building the Guess mechanic on top of and ultimately modifying that to support all necessary animations.

Cannon Barrage (December 2018)

At the time that this card was designed, we had no way in the game of playing missiles from multiple sources - something that Design really wanted for the fantasy of the card but that Engineering didn't have the bandwidth to support. Using our in-house card scripting software and our VFX FSM, I created a script set-up that could use our game's ability to have multiple targets to create fake "sources" at play out the missile VFX accurately from there.

sizzle reels
Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy Reel (August 2020)

Software : Unity, Photoshop, Maya

Cardpack texture by Luke Mancini

Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro Reel (April 2017)

Software : Unity, Photoshop, Maya

Cardpack texture and opening concept by Charlene le Scanff.

Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Reel (November 2016)

Software : Unity, Photoshop, Maya

For the card pack opening, Charlene Le Scanff did the concept and John Zwicker created the base model and texture.
Music : "The Charleston" by Green Hill Instrumental

Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan Reel (August 2016)

Software : Unity, Photoshop, Maya

2015 VFX Demo Reel (November 2015)

Engines : Project Spark, Unity, UDK

Software: Photoshop, Maya, Plastic Animation Paper, Aftereffects, Houdini