I've done a fair number of . Hopefully these will help you 

me / my career



Physical health

Supportive family / safety net

In-state tuition in San Francisco

Grew up with video games, art, and home internet access

Poor and rural upbringing

Not a ton of money

Presented as a woman / obviously afab

Mental health


Tech Artist

Environment Artist


What is your favorite part about the work? Is there a project you've worked on that you really enjoyed?

Are there any fellow artists that inspire you or your work or are good references?

general industry questions

Any advice for breaking into the industry? Tips you learned that you wish you knew before? What you think is important for someone trying to get into the same field?

What kind of qualities do you think is important for artists to have?

Is it better to specialize or be a generalist?

How do you feel about your work/life balance?

Have you ever experienced burnout? How did you deal with it? Any advice for getting out of it?

How do you see the future of the industry? Do you hold any expectations for the future of the industry, especially as a VFX artist?

work and my day-to-day

Always have some questions ready to ask; it helps show that you're interested and invested in the company, and helps keep conversation flowing. Most interviewers will set aside about 10/15 minutes of their interview block for your questions, and it's expected that you'll have some - these can be pretty fluffy if you don't have any concerns about the company/the industry in general, but this is also a really good time to raise any more serious questions that you have about work-life balance, team culture, etc.

On a less structural note - a lot of us are just awkward nerds talking to a stranger for the first time, and a lot of us are really bad both at saving a faltering conversation and at being self-aware enough afterwards to realize that probably doesn't reasonably reflect on the person we were interviewing. So if you have questions ready to perk your interviewers up and just get them talking or bond over something simple, it can make a huge difference in how people feel about you coming out of your interview.

What work do you do? What does a typical work day look like for you? What responsibilities do you have as an artist in the industry?

As an Individual Contributor

As a Lead

How do you like the company?


What do you feel is important to know as VFX artist?

Optimization? Trails?

How do you see the future of VFX in games?

I don't actually think about this that much

Supply and demand will both continue to increase - I already see the bar getting much higher than it was when I started.